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With two decades of experience building consultative relationships, managing full lifecycle projects and executing strategies to grow, improve and innovate businesses using process and technology as conduits to empower people; I'm eager to discuss how together we can develop a holistic strategy to improve your business, professional or individual performance to achieve and exceed your committed goals.  I AM a continuous improvement expert and a change agent.

Change is good... what are you waiting for?


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Process Improvement Workshops

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Here are some of the ways I serve the community and my clients...

Barbara Scott Keynote Speaker

Being the change.


"No government, corporation, or organization alone can solve the economic, societal or environmental challenges that exist today.  It is going to take the people.  


One person at a time...

we can change the world."


-Barbara A. Scott


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One-on-One Coaching 


"The quality of a process is more about what steps you can remove in the process. This is also true for the quality of life."


Want to learn how to do less, get more done and continuously improve the quality of your business and your life?


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Row Your Own Boat NOW!

Row Your Own Boat - NOW!


A fun and entertaining personal empowerment and strategic leadership program for entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals seeking to make continuous improvements in their lives and businesses.  Based on the industry leading project and quality frameworks utilized by Fortune 500 businesses to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Barbara Scott Consultant

Our expert consultants assist you in turning any operational, sales, customer satisfaction or employee performance problem on its head. 

Providing support for your business to:

& Globalize
With a virtual workforce providing geographically independent services we support a work environment that thrives on creativity, making full use of cloud technologies, while creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly professional services organization that produces superior results at a fraction of the cost of big brick and mortar consulting firms.

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